Mr. Abdul Waked & other at the launch of prestigious new Soho Project in Panama

Mr. Abdul Waked

Juan Luis Correa VP of Corporate Affairs, Wisa Group; Hamudi Waked, President of Westland Enterprises; Abdul Waked, Wisa Group President, Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal, President of Panama and Roberto Fasquelle, CEO of Soho Developers Photos: Jaime Lucar


Abdul Waked Soho Project

Nicolás González Revilla, Abdul Waked & Ricardo Matinelli .


Hamudi Waked

Hamudi Waked and Roxana Méndez .


Hamudi Waked Wisa Group

Christian Mahlke, Hamudi Waked and John Kirton.


Abdul Waked Wisa Group

Mohamed Farhat, Gerald Jaufret, Juan Luis Correa, Abdul Waked & Philippe Soussand .